Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 - 182km N of Madang, Papua New Guinea

Map. History of Pacific conflict

22 February 2018
3 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.1 - 196km SW of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea
3 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.9 - 182km N of Madang, Papua New Guinea
Duterte to communist rebels: If you fight the government, be prepared to die
Duterte: I said at the ASEAN-India Commemorative Summit that we should have a platform to address terrorism
Duterte: I will not be President a minute longer than my six-year term
Duterte: I am not behind cases against former President Noynoy Aquino, Chief Justice Sereno and Ombudsman Carpio Morales
Duterte to communist rebels: I am not afraid of you
Duterte: The communists are not following any ideology
Duterte: I thanked India for donating money to rehabilitate Marawi
Duterte to EU: You have never ceased to be imperialists
Duterte: I want the constitutional consultative committee to submit recommendations by this year
Duterte on Mayon eruption: People must comply with the safety zones
Duterte: I plan to visit Albay in one or two days
Duterte calls for foreign employers to respect the dignity of Filipino employees
President Duterte: kill if you must, destroy the NPA
3 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 5.3 - 94km WNW of Laiwui, Indonesia
3 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 184km SW of Lorengau, Papua New Guinea
3 week ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.7 - 45km S of Binuangeun, Indonesia
Members of the media, media groups march to UP Sunken Garden for this week's
Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Razak in Delhi
Man shot dead in Banilad
2 farmers dead, 1 hurt in Maguindanao rice field blast
Duterte flies back to Philippines from New Delhi. Presidential plane took off at 2:12 pm local time
Duterte issues another diatribe against the US saying "America wants to act like the conscience of the people, trying to police everybody." "That's a problem," he says
President of the Philippines Duterte the made remark after a report from an Indian news outfit reported Duterte was being targeted by ISIS here. Duterte says ISIS' ideology is "totally bankrupt, empty and the come-on is that if you die a martyr, you go to heaven with 42 virgins waiting for you." It should be 72
Duterte mocks Muslim extremists in meeting with India business leaders: "I'd like to have the virgins here not in heaven."
2 NPA officers slain in Tarlac clash
An MRT-3 train unloaded passengers between Kamuning and Cubao stations due to smoke emission near the door at 1:42 p.m.
Duterte thanks investors from India: We need the investments, but more than that it's really the work that you provide for the Filipino people
Duterte hits human rights groups for not tackling the situation of Filipino domestic helpers, says 'they never bothered'
Duterte: The fragmentation of the Philippine islands is just the same in the Middle East. The imperialists got there, got hold of the oil, built their industries using the raw materials of other people
Duterte: Imperialism never stopped. It started in my country 500 years ago, and the Spaniards stayed in my country for 400 years
Duterte: We are 110 million Filipinos. If I allow graft and corruption, this 110 million will face a very grim tomorrow
East Timor president dissolves parliament to hold new elections3 week ago
East Timor president dissolves parliament to hold new elections
7 South Koreans detained for week in Malaysia set free
Duterte: I have so many issues with priests. My number one opponent during the last elections was really the Catholic Church
The Cebu City Mobile Patrol Group (MPG) is verifying a shooting alarm in Barangay Banilad, Cebu City
Tens of thousands of people march across Australia in an 'Invasion Day' protest calling for a rethink of the national day